Covid-19 FAQ's

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

Please note - Monmore Green Stadium is now closed to the public until 3rd December.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Customers are required to wear a facial covering when entering or leaving the stadium and when moving around the stadium, unless seated at their table.

Can I attend with other households?

No, Wolverhampton is currently in Tier 2 of Government restrictions, therefore multiple household cannot mix. You will be asked this upon booking and again on arrival. Please be aware we may as you to prove this with ID.

Can I sit where I want?

We will operate a table service. Seating will be allocated on arrival.

Can I smoke at the Stadium?

Unfortunately, to restrict movement around the Stadium, smoking and vaping is NOT allowed.

Will I be allowed to move around?

Guests will be required to stay seated unless using the toilet facilities.

Are the toilets cleaned regularly?

Toilets are checked and cleaned hourly. Toilet attendants are available on site for every meeting.

Where do I get my drinks/food and place bets?

We will be operating a table service, a tote operator and waiter will be allocated to each cluster of tables.

Is it safe for me to come to the stadium?

Yes, we have followed all government guidelines, have implemented some additional safety measures, been licensed by the local authority and significantly reduced our capacity level. If you have any concerns, there will be a COVID-19 ambassador available to discuss these with.

How do I get service if my waiter has gone?

Each waiter will only be allocated a small number of tables leaving plenty of time for service.

Can I book a large party?

Booking at present will be a maximum of 6 persons sitting together in line with government guidelines, though this will be reviewed should guidelines change.

Can I use cash?

Yes - however, we would prefer you to use contactless/Debit and credit card wherever possible. You are able to use cards when purchasing food and beverages.

Tote betting is cash only.

What is the last booking time?

Pending availability, booking can be up until 2pm on the date of event.

Please call us after this time to check on options.

Do you have a track and trace policy?

Yes - information will be taken at the time of your booking and kept for 21 days.

Do you have hand sanitisers available?

We have plenty of hand sanitisers around the stadium for customers to use.

Do I need to always book?

Yes, every event will need to be booked. We will not be able to accept walk-ins.

Where can I view the restaurant menus?

Menus are available on our website and social media platforms or contact the stadium.
Single use disposable menus will be available on tables.

How do I book?

At present, call the stadium on 01902 452648 where our friendly staff will be able to assist.

Have you got presentation packages available?

We are not currently offering Race Sponsorship packages.

Do you still do Party Pack?

At present Party Packs are not available.

Do I still get a race card?

Yes, all customers above the age of 18 will receive a race card.

Can I prepay for anything?

Restaurant and General admission will be prepaid and must be booked in advance.

Is there fast food?

Yes, fast food area will be open on all evening events, however fast food facilities will not be open on afternoon meetings. For more information call the stadium.

Can I go on the terraces and stand outside?

Unfortunately, to restrict movement around the stadium, access to the terrace is not available.

Do you still have onsite parking?

Parking is available for customers. Please follow instructions when walking from your car to the stadium entrance.

Do staff wear masks?

All staff serving tables will be wearing facial coverings.

If inside what is the viewing like?

There are some restricted areas however all areas have clear TV viewing.

In the restaurants how will service work?

We will be using disposable menus and condiments.
Cutlery will be wrapped in serviettes and placed on tables when your food is served.

Will it still be £6 entrance?

Entrance will still be £6 per head. Owners will still enter free of charge, certain restrictions will apply.

Do you still race on the same days?

We currently race Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons and, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Unfortunately, we will only allow food and drink purchased on site to be consumed on site.

How do I know who is serving me?

Your tote operator and waiter will introduce themselves on arrival.

Do you still have disabled access?

Yes, the lift will be available to use for one person plus a career at any one time.
The lift will then be cleaned after every use.

Will I be able to bet with bookmakers?

We will not have on-course bookmakers as this will require significant movement and mixing of a larger group of customers across all sections of the track. This would increase the risk of a spread of the virus and would prove challenging to gain local authority approval.

Can I move from the restaurant to the bar area?

Movement from your original table will not be an option.

Can my trainer come to see me at my table?

Restrictions in movement apply to everyone. Unfortunately, trainers will not be able to visit tables anywhere in the stadium unless they have booked their own table.

How will you manage social distancing?

We will have social distancing officers located around the stadium. Anyone that fails to comply will be given 3 verbal warnings before being asked to leave the premises.

Are you still open on an afternoon?

Yes, we race on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. However, the Tote, Drinks Bar and Snack Bar will not be available on an afternoon meeting. You will still need to book in advance on 01902 452648.