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Most Graded Wins and Races 2021

Most Graded Wins and Races 2021

Mo Cara Dante.

62 Races / 14 Wins

Wbk Dog (Farloe Blitz – Bearhaven Ekki, Nov ’17).

Owners: Mo Cara Racing.

Trainer: Craig Marston.

The only greyhound of the four Entain tracks to run and win the most races in one year. He is a credit to trainer Craig Marston and team and for owners Mo Cara Racing syndicate. This brilliant November ’17 whelp has been tremendous to follow through 2021. With sixty two graded races and fourteen wins this strong white and black dog has competed through the grades. He started the year in A7 class rising to compete at A2 level.

A truly great year for Mo Cara Dante and two well deserved awards.

Racing Office Graded Greyhound of the year 2021

Racing Office Graded Greyhound of the year 2021

Daves Gift

Wbk Dog (Droopys Sydney – Caragh Kayla, Aug ’18).

Owners: Mr K J Bursnell and Mr P Milbourne.

Trainer: Kim Billingham

The August ’18, white and black dog always has a chance in any race he is graded in. He is always in contention with his awesome early pace. The dog battles to win and is no doubt a joy to own for Mr Bursnell and Mr Milbourne and train for Kim Billingham and team. He had twenty seven graded races last year with eleven wins, ten of which were in top class graded company against the best dogs in the Midlands.

A brilliant dog now enjoying a well earned rest but I’m sure one to follow through the coming year.