The Track Championships is to be run at our sister track Brighton and Hove Stadium on Saturday 1st May and be contested by all 4 Entain Tracks Brighton & Hove, Crayford, Monmore and Romford.

The Following Races will be run to determine overall winner:

285metre Sprint x 2 Races

695metre Stayers x 2 Races

740metre Super Stayers x 2 Races

500metre Standard x 2 Races

500metre Bitches x 2 Races

515metre Super Standard x 2 Races

These will be advertised as Invitation Races open only to Entain trainers to meet GBGB rules.

Prize Money will be paid out at £750 Winner, 2nd £100 & Others £75.

Each Track will have 18 entries spread over 12 events

The breakdown of this will be 3 runners per event but no track will have more than 2 runners in any one

race for example:

285metre Sprint – 2 Brighton & Hove, 2 Crayford, 1 Monmore & 1 Romford.

285metre Sprint – 1 Brighton & Hove, 1 Crayford, 2 Monmore & 2 Romford.

The breakdown will be determined upon entry and seeds to allow equal distribution of seeds.

The winning track will also have 12 graded competitions with standard win & run money for heats & an

additional £10 run money with an extra £100 win money for the final which will be covered on GTV.

There will also be a prize of £5,000 to the winning track to spend on improvements at the retirement

kennels attached to their track.


All greyhounds will be eligible to run in event if they are trained by trainer attached to Track regardless of

whether the entry has run graded or only in opens and greyhound must have run at least twice in the

trainer's charge.

The entries for each Competition will be selected by the Racing Manager of each track and sent to Hove

Racing Office where we will send races to GBGB for Trap Draw to be carried out.

Each Track will provide reserves for each race to maintain 6 greyhound races and equal number of entries.

Races will be calculated on the following Points system if we have a tie then Winners will be taking into

consideration as a tie breaker if they can't be separated on winners then we will include seconds.

1st- 7

2nd- 5

3rd- 4

4th- 3

5th- 2

6th – 1